Lion’s Mane Mushroom Ground Coffee (80G) - Focus | Adaptogenic, Medium Roast Mushroom Coffee Made With Lion's Mane Extract

80g Lions Mane Mushroom Coffee

Lion’s Mane Mushroom Ground Coffee (80G) - Focus | Adaptogenic, Medium Roast Mushroom Coffee Made With Lion's Mane Extract

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  • Lion EmojiLions Mane Mushroom – Enjoy the amazing health benefits of Lions Mane mushrooms with every sip! Our 100% Ground Arabica Coffee with Lions Mane is for the true mushroom connoisseur
  • Coffee Cup EmojiFor your Coffee Machine – Ideal for Filter, Cafetiere & Espresso machines. Our Lions Mane Ground Coffee is adaptable for whichever way you make your coffee
  • Coffee Cup Emoji100% Ground Arabica Coffee – Rich in flavour and aroma, we provide the highest quality Lions Mane Mushroom with Ground Arabica Coffee to match. Our coffees are crafted to bring out the full spectrum of flavours and powers from the Lions Mane Mushroom in each cup
  • Mushroom EmojiLions Mane Mushroom Fruit Bodies Only – Unlike other products on the market that use mycelium, our blend boasts Lion’s Mane mushroom fruit bodies only. Delivering maximum efficacy and nutrition without any artificial ingredients, substrate, or fillers
  • Mushroom EmojiGreat Taste & Strong Mushrooms - Get the most out of both worlds - an excellent cup of joe along with enhanced nourishment. Our Lion's Mane Mushroom powder blended with premium Arabica Coffee gives you both
  • Mushroom EmojiOver 50 years Of Mushroom Experience - At Merryhill Mushrooms we want to make sure everyone can experience the wonder of Mushroom Coffee

Product reviews

3 reviews

Tom van den End

I love your coffee, I love your service & the way you sorted out my problem with no questions asked. Thank you

Liam v.

Great tasting coffee!


Really enjoying it, haven't had any brain fog since drinking it. It does taste a little mushroomy or earthy so it took a little getting used to, but most importantly for me it is very gentle on my sensitive stomach and not as acidic as most coffee's. Will be repurchasing.

Quality ingredients.

Discover the wonderful world of mushroom coffee with our Merryhill Mushrooms Lions Mane Mushroom Coffee. Experience the perfect blend of roasted 100% Ground Arabica Coffee and quality Lions Mane Mushroom powder. Perfect for Filter, Cafetiere & Espresso machines, our Lions mane mushroom coffees provide an excellent taste while delivering enhanced nourishment.

Unlike other brands that use mycelium or artificial ingredients, our blend boasts Lion's Mane mushroom fruit bodies for maximum efficacy and nutrition without any fillers. With over 50 years of growing experience, our small batch mushroom farm ensure you get the best quality ingredients without at a much lower cost per kilogram compared to the big names.

Experience your daily dose of focus and exquisite taste with every sip of Merryhill Mushroom’s Lions Mane Mushroom coffee. Get your hands on this mushroom coffee blend now!

The pack contains 10 servings, 500mg of Lion's Mane Extract per cup

which is 5g of Lion's Mane Extract per pack

Ingredients: Ground Columbian Arabica Coffee, Lion’s Mane Fruit Body Extract (6.25%) (Hericium erinaceus).

Nutritional Facts per portion (250ml): Energy: 0.8kl/0.2kcal. Fat: 0.0g (of which saturates 0g). Carbohydrates: 0.04g (of which sugars: 0.0g). Fibre: 0.0g. Protein: 0.01g. Salt: 0.0g.