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Lion's Mane Setup guide

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    Do not seal the bag, or use it like a tent.
Image ofLion's Mane Setup guide

Correct Setup

Keep the paper towel neatly folded, positioned by the front and back holes.

Keep the product box away from the paper towel otherwise it will soak up water.

Fold the bag over itself for added structure, keep the bag 3-5 inches above the height of the box.

Do not seal the bag, or use it like a tent.

Signs of lack of air exchange.

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    The bag should be a neat rectangle with the kit within it, it should not be "sealed"
Image ofSigns of lack of air exchange.

Coral like formations

If your mushrooms are growing like coral, this is a big indicator you are not providing adequate air exchange.

The humidity bag should be used as a bag rather than a tent. The bag should never be sealed.

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    Yellowing, especially "top down" is a sign of maturity.
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The crop is turning yellow?

Some yellowing is normal, if you notice this, in most cases it is a sign of maturity and it should be picked.

Once yellowing begins to occur, this is not something that will go back to being white. The crop is still choice and edible and will be bright white inside.

If you are noticing this when it is much smaller, it is quite likely you are either exposing it to draughts or the humidity is too low.

common reasons for this is dry paper towel, or the box being in contact with the humidity towels, thus the box then soaks up the paper towels hydration, so it doesn't serve its purpose.

Incorrect Bag Setup