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Only one mushroom is growing, how do i fix this?

Why is my kit only growing one mushroom?

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    Once the "pre crop" is picked, more will follow in greater number.
Image ofWhy is my kit only growing one mushroom?

Growing Tips

In ideal conditions, keeping the kit within 14-21'c and ideally 17-18'c the predicted window for a kit to come into crop is 16-24 days, in some cases you can get a pre crop prior to this. Which can be the case when dealing with a living product, which by nature each kit is unique so will not always behave in ways set it stone across the board.

If you get a lone mushroom, or pre crop, it is best to pick this once it has grown, as otherwise it will stop further growth. Once these are picked after another week or two, a fuller crop should come up through

How to fix.

Image ofHow to fix.

Do not leave any roots when picking.

Remove the "pre crop" by twisting and pulling out the whole root along with the mushroom. Do not leave the root in as this will also stop future crops coming up through.

If you have root left in (as pictured) it is important to remove this.

Proceed to give the kit another week or two for more to come up through.