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How to grow your own Chestnut / White Mushrooms.

Chestnut / White Mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus) not to be confused with the "chestnut mushroom" Pholiota adiposa are the most commonly cultivated and consumed mushroom in the world, it is a huge industry world wide, although in recent years more and more exotic mushrooms are being consumed also.

To grow Chestnut and White mushrooms commercially, it requires a lot of space and hygiene protocols in order to do so cost effectively. Typically these are grown commercially in large growing rooms on wooden "beds" where compost is fed into these in bulk, topsoil is placed onto the compost and eventually in a few weeks the mushrooms are manually picked by a team of pickers before the beds are cleaned out for the next crop.

How to setup your mushroom growing kit

We wanted everyone to be able to experience the thrill of growing your own mushrooms so we created our fantastic range of mushroom growing kits. With the use of grow your own kits, this process is very easy and our easy instructions will guide you through the process, any issues and we're always on hand for personalized product support and FAQ's.

Our Chestnut and White Mushroom Growing kits replicate this process but on a much smaller and manageable scale, each kit is 7x7x7" in size containing enough nutrition to allow for for 3/4 Harvests.

chestnut / white mushroom kit growing guide

How to Grow your own Chestnut / White Mushrooms

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    Ideal Temperature 15-17'c
Image ofHow to Grow your own Chestnut / White Mushrooms

Step Two - Pinning

Each species of mushroom growing kit we offer will provide different growing experiences, this kit in particular has a bit more to do upon arrival in order to yield its first crop as it is not part of our ready growing range, but do not worry, the entire duration to have your first crop is only 16-24 days.

10-18 days after removing the lid, primodia (pins) will begin to form on the topsoil, these will double in size over night as they grow to maturation.

How to Grow your own Chestnut / White Mushrooms

Handy growing guide

Fruiting your own Chestnut / White Mushrooms

Image ofFruiting your own Chestnut / White Mushrooms

Step Three - Fruting and Harvesting

16-24 days have passed and your kit will now be in crop.

Please see the picture for reference, this is a typical crop from one of our kits, it is quite normal for some mushrooms to be bigger than the others, it is best to pick the entire crop at the same time by gently twisting and pulling out the entire mushroom, root included. The entire fruit body is edible, aside from the very base, closest to the root. We have a range of recipes on our blog.

Mushrooms are best picked before they drop spores and just before the edges begin to upturn, to leave them on past this will not make the mushrooms grow any larger, but will stop them keeping as well in the fridge and make them softer than they should be.

How to harvest

To harvest your mushrooms it is important you do not leave any rooton the topsoil as this will hinder further crops. To pick your mushrooms correctly and avoid leaving in any root, you should gently twist and pull the entire mushroom out taking the root with you as pictured. Then simply slice and discard the root and enjoy the mushroom you have just grown.

Homegrown vs Shop-bought mushrooms

Homegrown / Shop-bought mushroom comparison