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Chestnut Mushroom Growing Kit

An Idea is born 

Everyone kept saying to us, that they have never managed to find a mushroom growing kit that actually works, this in mind we developed a kit, made here in the UK that is guaranteed to work.

With high yield compost within each box our mushrooms also taste great having a much better taste than shop bought mushrooms, for a truly gourmet mushroom experience. Growing your own mushrooms at home has never been easier, for beginners and experts and we are here to guide you along the way.

About us

Merryhill Mushrooms, a family run business based in Storrington West Sussex, has been a mushroom advisory company since 2006, started by Dick Rucklidge,  

Dick has been in the mushroom industry for over 50 years! He has worked as the leading consultant in the country for 30 of them. He has travelled across the globe lending his experience to others and is truly passionate about all things mushrooms, our website is a one stop shop for all your mushroom related needs and information.

Merryhill Mushrooms Logo
Lion's Mane Mushroom Growing Kit

The Vision

Merryhill Mushrooms is now making use of this wealth of knowledge and experience by solving a problem in the market, manufacturing mushroom growing kits in the UK.

Not happy or impressed with the current indoor and outdoor mushroom growing kits out on the market, Dick came up with the concept of our own mushroom grow boxes, and those who have had one will agree that the difference is huge, they are guaranteed to work!

We offer a wide range of mushrooms to grow, White buttonChestnutShiitakeLion's Mane and Oyster Mushroom growing kits.


Using only high quality mushrooms and ingredients, we wanted to add to our current award winning range with new food products, these new, all Vegan products have proven to be very popular and are now stocking retail outlets up and down the country. Our Tasty range of Mushroom Coffee and Mushroom infused salts offer wonderful savoury flavour and we will continue to add to this fantastic range in the future.

Calibrate Instant Mushroom Coffee
250g Lions Mane Mushroom Coffee - Focus

New Products for 2023

Lions Mane Mushroom Coffee – Enjoy the amazing health benefits of Lions Mane mushrooms with every sip! Our 100% Ground Arabica Coffee with Lions Mane is for the true mushroom connoisseur. 

Mushroom Coffee otherwise known as adaptogenic mushroom coffee, gets it's name from adaptogens which is the category Lion's Mane falls under. Adaptogens such as Lion's Mane Extract helps the body respond and adapt to cope with stress, anxiety etc.


We continue to develop, enhance and build upon the product experience. You will see packaging and product enhancements throughout 2024. Our new website offers subscription capabilities and dedicated product support portals for any assistance required.

We also plan to further expand on our range of mushroom grow kits, We are progressing on both White Beech (shimeji) and Maitake Grow kits.

Porcini Mushroom Powder