Mushroom Cultivation and Growing

Mushroom Cultivation and Growing

Mushroom Cultivation

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to grow your own delicious, fresh mushrooms at home? Look no further than a mushroom grow kit. – we have the best mushroom cultivation guides to help you get started on your journey to becoming a mushroom cultivator extraordinaire. With the help of a mushroom cultivation kit, you can skip the guesswork and enjoy a bountiful harvest of your favorite fungi, all from the comfort of your own home.

These guides cover a wide range of different mushrooms and methods in order to grow your favorite mushrooms, with something for both beginners and experts, we are certain you will find what you need within our store, which supply's the UK with award winning mushroom growing kits

We have inidivdual growing guides for many products, including Lion's ManeShiitake and the more beginner friendly Chestnut and White Mushroom Growing kits. Infact, we love our shiitake and lions mane growing kits so much we decided to offer a way to grow these two mushrooms outdoors also, this is a rare treat as not all mushrooms will be able to grow outside via this method, naturally growing mushrooms outdoors offers a method of mushroom growing that requires much less ongoing care, once you have drilled the holes into your hardwod log and installed your mushroom spawn plugs, time will take care of the rest.

Mushroom Growing Outdoor Logs

Whilst not all mushrooms are suitable for growing at home, for example Enoki, we are commited to growing our range and have ambitions to soon launch mushroom growing kits for Maitake and White Beech. If you are after Enoki you will often find these within asian supermarkets in individual bags.

Where as in typical supermarkets, you will more commonly see Shiitake and Button mushrooms. When people ask for button mushroom growing kits, they are often surprised to hear that button mushrooms / chestnut mushrooms are just the smaller stage of portabello / white mushrooms, it is a common misconception that this is a different variety, all of these are Agaricus Bisporus grown to different sizes.

Authored by: Merryhill Mushrooms