Outdoor Mushroom Log Growing Kits

Outdoor Shiitakes Growing on log

Outdoor Mushroom Log Growing Kits

Each log kit includes 30 inoculated wooden plugs plus bee's wax to seal the holes and log ends. 

An 8mm drill will be required as it is not supplied. You also need to melt your wax.

30 pugs are enough to inoculate a meter long log of 15-20 cm diameter (any bigger than this they become hard to handle).

Logs should be fresh / green and less than 8 weeks old. Only inoculate one type per log.

  • Hardwood is best (oak, beech, birch, alder, ash, elm etc).
  • Fruit trees (apple, plum, cherry etc) are ok but will take longer to fruit.
  • Soft wood / pines / conifers must be avoided due to their natural anti-fungal properties.

Various mushroom varieties are available - see drop down list.

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