Ready Growing Nameko Mushroom Growing Kit


Ready Growing Nameko Mushroom Growing Kit

Nameko - Pholiota nameko
Easy care, grows in the bag!
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  • Quick & Easy
  • Your kit will be supplied, ready to crop within weeks
  • Organic Compost
  • Great Savory Taste
  • Instructions Included

Product Dimensions 

8in x 8in x 8in approx (20.3cm x 20.3cm x 20.3cm)

Product reviews

6 reviews


Very prolific. I had a mass of mushrooms within a very short time – they were fully grown and eaten or frozen down within two weeks. I didn't try for a second flush, but I will next time. I admit I didn't follow the instructions – the nameko were growing down the side of the bag, so I decided to cut it open earlier than advised and try to free the poor things. It seemed to work – I was mushroomed out!

Tom F.

I have loved my kits, I had two good crop from the king oyster mushrooms. All the instructions with the nameko mushrooms suggested that I was only likely to get one crop from my kit, I carried on spraying it with rain water collected in a garden butt, I pulled up and placed the cut plastic bag after each spray and I think the second crop was stronger than the first, they are starting to crop for a third time but I don't think it will match the other two. Flavour wise I was disappointed in the nameko as there is more smell when cropping than taste when eating, the oyster mushrooms were fantastic as ever.

April M.

Great customer service, good pricing, and fabulous quality mushrooms. My friends were thrilled to receive the nameko mushrooms, which immediately started growing! Thank you!

Nameko Mushroom Growing Kit

Quick and Easy Mushrooms to grow at Home, made in the UK

This Nameko Mushroom Grow Kit comes ready growing (Don't leave it within the postal box) and it's growth when in crop is really spectacular, Your kit is already growing so your first crop will be ready to pick within a matter of weeks! Grow your own Nameko Mushrooms Indoors

Peat Free

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    Organic Mushroom Log (Peat Free)
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    Grow in the bag
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    Simple care instructions included

Image ofNameko Mushroom Growing Kit

Growing Tips

These kits come in an outer protective wrapper, which you will let the mushrooms mature within until they are a few inches tall. Once ready remove the top portion of the wrapper, 4-5 inches above the top of the mushrooms which will protect the mushrooms as they grow. Within 3-4 weeks your mushrooms will be ready to pick. Ideal Temperature 15-17°C

Nameko Mushroom Kit Information

This Nameko Kit comes ready growing (Don't leave it within the postal box) and it's growth when in crop is really spectacular, Your log is already growing so your first crop in weeks rather than years.

Cooking Tips

A gourmet Mushroom. Very popular throughout Asia where it originated with a pleasing nutty flavour and crunchy texture upon cooking that compliments oriental style soups and stir fries. Naturally gelatinous these are great for thickening dishes and sauces / soups. However they are also very versatile and can be used in any way you would traditionally consume cooked mushrooms.

Gifting Tips

These kits are ready growing upon arrival, but will keep refrigerated in their wrapper for 2-3 weeks, alternatively we can adjust delivery to suit birthdays.

Nameko Mushroom Growing Kit

Handy growing guide


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Nothing beats the flavour of freshly picked mushrooms, and it's great fun watching them grow - children love them too! Each kit contains a colonized Nameko mushroom log ready to explode with Nameko mushrooms. The mushrooms are "Ready Growing" so all you need to is keep as instructed and the mushrooms will develop 

Mushrooms will continue to grow if left between 10 and 20 degrees - ideal for your kitchen or utility room. In daylight but not direct sunlight. Full growing advice is provided on the instructions and with FAQ's on our website and our contact details help is always on hand should you require some guidance. 

Product Dimensions 
8in x 8in x 8in approx (20.3cm x 20.3cm x 20.3cm)