Ready Growing King Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit

King oyster Mushroom Growing Kit

Ready Growing King Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit

King Oyster Mushroom - Pleurotus eryngii
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  • Mushroom EmojiUser-Friendly and Effortless: Our King Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit is designed for beginners in mushroom cultivation. With minimal effort and clear instructions, you'll soon be harvesting delicious King Oyster mushrooms within days! Your kit will be supplied, ready growing and crop within weeks.
  • Mushroom EmojiReady Growing - With a Merryhill Mushrooms King Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit, you’ll receive a pre-spawned King Oyster log meaning the King Oyster mushrooms are ready growing on arrival. Please bear in mind if intended for a gift as they will grow in around 1 week - 2 weeks.
  • Mushroom EmojiDelectable and Flavorful: King Oyster mushrooms are known for their rich texture and smoky undertones, making them a perfect addition to enhance your meals. Growing your own mushrooms ensures that they are fresher and more flavorful than store-bought ones.
  • Mushroom EmojiDecades of Experience: With over 50 years of experience in cultivating mushrooms at our small batch mushroom farm in the UK, our specialist team brings you the finest King Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit.
  • Notepad EmojiSimple Care Instructions: The kit comes with easy-to-follow care instructions. Grow your King Oyster mushrooms indoors and simply spray with water each day.
  • Notepad EmojiThe substrate used is organically certified, guaranteeing a high-quality growing process.

Product Dimensions 

8in x 8in x 8in approx (20.3cm x 20.3cm x 20.3cm)

Product reviews

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I'd never grown king oysters before and they're impossible to find in the shops where I live, so I gave this a go, based on the success I'd had with other Merryhill kits. Really good value, a decent crop, and above all, they're fresh – you really can taste the difference. I'll be getting another kit.

Adele S

It's the second time I've ordered the King Oyster growing kit from Merryhill Mushrooms and again, the kit delivered 2 bumper crops of mushrooms. The first flush grew in a few days and it's so much fun to watch them grow. The instructions are easy to follow and are great value for money. And delicious!


Easy to use kit - I have bought it two times now and had fantastic results. Two big crops off the first kit and three (just, the third was just a very big lone mushroom) from the second kit. The mushrooms themselves are truly delicious. I fry them in a pretty hot pan, so they start to catch a little and get some colour - which results in a seriously 'meaty' flavour and excellent texture. Slice the chunky stalk into rounds for a vegan scallop alternative - I'm very much an omnivore - they are really very good. Highly recommended.

King Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit

Quick and Easy Mushrooms to grow at home, made in UK

This King Oyster Mushroom GrowingKit comes ready growing (Don't leave it within the postal box) and its growth when in crop is really spectacular, Your kit is already growing so your first crop will be ready to pick within a matter of weeks! 

Indoor Grow Your Own King Oyster Mushroom Kit

Ready Growing Product which will have it's first crop within a few days, Please bare in mind if intended for a gift. Gifting Information

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    Organic Mushroom Log
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    Bag of Casing Soil
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    Simple care instructions included
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    Ideal Temperature 17-18°C

Image ofKing Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit

Why choose our kits?

Our ready growing mushroom kits stand out from other brands due to the fact that the mushroom growing process has been partially started.

This unique feature provides several advantages.

It eliminates the need to carry out the lengthy inoculation, saving time and effort. 

By receiving the kits at a stage where the kit is pre started, we can ensure the mycelium is healthy before shipping, ensuring healthy crops.

The riskiest part of mushroom growing is avoiding any contamination on the substrate during colonization, so we have taken care of this portion of the process, prior to dispatch.

King Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit Information

This King Oyster comes ready growing (Don't leave it within the postal box) and it's growth when in crop is really spectacular, Your log is already growing so your first crop in weeks rather than years.

These kits come in an outer protective wrapper, which needs to be trimmed soon after delivery. Simply cut and remove the top portion of the bag, then place the tospoil onto the log, whilst standing on a dish or plate. Spray the topsoil and inside of the wrapper whist the mushrooms develop and shortly your King Oyster log will be fully covered with fresh mushrooms. Ideal Temperature 17-18°C

Cooking Tips

A gourmet Mushroom. Very popular throughout Asia where it originated. Can be used in all the ways you normally use mushrooms but Ensure they are cooked.

 They are firm in texture and do not shrink much when cooked. Use all the stalk by cutting into strips down the length of stem. Delicious scored and pan fried as a vegan “bacon”. They can be grilled, sautéed, or stewed to be added to soups, stews, sauces, pasta, vegetable dishes, meats, and seafood. If prepared whole, allow a longer cooking time for this meaty mushroom, cook until brown.

King Oyster may naturally contain chemicals that stimulate the immune system. Dietary intake of King Oyster may function as natural cholesterol lowering dietary agent.

Gifting Tips

Ready Growing Product which will have it's first crop within a few days, Please bear in mind if intended for a gift. DO NOT Leave within the postal box and if wrapping as a gift, to avoid suffocation, please wrap at the latest possible opportunity.

Please see guide here for Gift Ordering Info.

King Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit

Handy growing guide


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Nothing beats the flavour of freshly picked mushrooms, and it's great fun watching them grow - children love them too! Each kit contains a colonized King Oyster log ready to explode with King Oyster mushrooms. The mushrooms are "Ready Growing" so all you need to do is spray twice daily with a mister to keep the top soil moist and the mushrooms will develop. 

Mushrooms will continue to grow if left between 10 and 20 degrees - ideal for your kitchen or utility room. In daylight or darkness but not direct sunlight. Full growing advice is provided on the instructions and with FAQ's on our website and our contact details help is always on hand should you require some guidance.

Product Dimensions 
8in x 8in x 8in approx (20.3cm x 20.3cm x 20.3cm)